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HackAlliance contributors share resources to increase opportunities and decrease costs for all event organizers — check out our gear

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Select the equipment and dates you want. Popular items go first, so act quickly! Reserve early to guarantee availability


Customer Support

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Sharing Made Simple

Share expensive equipment using flat rate boxes to eliminate large purchases


Cool Hardware

Our inventory consists of items used at other hackathons —
gear for hackers provided by hackers. We've got Pebbles, Leap Motions, Oculus, and everything in between.

Event Supplies

We've got more than just hardware! Don't waste money buying materials you only need for a weekend. HackAlliance contributors share walkie talkies, power strips, tablecloths, and more.

Shipping Included

HackAlliance resources are stored securely between events.
Our standard box rate includes roundtrip FedEx Ground shipping (domestic US only). Expedited shipping is also available.

Heavy Duty Boxes

We use sturdy, reusable double-wall 16"x12"x10" boxes that are 275lb-test certified. Ship items worth thousands of dollars, but rest easy knowing they will survive the trip.

2 Week Term

Each box loaned allows for 2 weeks of use, including roundtrip shipping time. Additional days are available as long as your items are still available. Strict timelines allow all event organizers the opportunity to reserve items as needed.

Box Price Guarantee

Get the gear you need without worrying about the cost per item. Contributors commit resources annually, benefitting from storage services at Drakontas Consulting. HackAlliance subscribers enjoy the same flat rate per box all year long, no matter what's inside.

On-Site Assistance

Need help at your event? Leave it to us! Experienced staff from HackWare can lead workshops, manage checkouts, and mentor attendees to increase the quality of your event.


Partner Services

Take advantage of our partnership — combine professional services from Drakontas Consulting for even more savings on operations and infrastructure, including Internet/WiFi and power.


Resources generously shared by

HackingEDU : The World's Largest Education Hackathon

Have hardware? Contributors get special pricing and exclusive perks!

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Logistics, maintenance, storage, and support provided by

Drakontas Consulting HackingEDU : The World's Largest Education Hackathon HackWare

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Annual Subscription

  • +$100 Per Box
  • Round-Trip Ground Shipping Included
  • Borrow for 2 Weeks
  • Double-Wall 16"x12"x10" Boxes
  • Full Inventory Access
  • Additional Days Available
  • On-Site Assistance Available
  • Box Price Guaranteed

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